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Journal of Development Perspectives

Johannes Fedderke, Editor


Forthcoming 2017
Biannual Publication
ISSN 2375-0456
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Journal of Development Perspectives

Johannes Fedderke, Editor

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Work on the economics of developing countries and related policy questions has grown substantially. The Journal of Development Perspectives aims to bridge the gap between the findings reported in academic journals and the challenges confronted by policy makers. In doing so, its intent is to pursue a range of goals, by publishing papers that:

a.) Synthesize and integrate lessons learned from active economic research.

b.) Provide economic analyses of policy issues relevant to developmental contexts.

c.) Encourage cross-fertilization between fields of economics, as well as economics and related disciplines such as political science.

d.) Offer readers access to state of the art thinking on development.

e.) Suggest future directions of research, guided by the insight gained by practitioners in confronting the concrete challenges of developing countries.

In pursuing this mission, the Journal of Development Perspectives is actively seeking to provide rapid, transparent and constructive reviewing, that conforms as closely as possible to the core science disciplines, rather than the relatively slow feedback provided in the social sciences. While aspirational, the journal places a high priority on rapid turn around without compromising quality of feedback.

The Journal of Development Perspectives seeks to facilitate the interaction between academic research relevant to developing regions of the world, and economic policy making in developing countries. To do so it aims to present new research findings relevant to development contexts that significantly advance knowledge. In addition, the Journal of Development Perspectives aims to make available up to date research findings sufficiently synthesized and accessible to be useful to policy makers to engage in dialogue with academic researchers. In addition, it seeks to elicit the views of appropriate leading policy makers in clarifying the policy challenges and insights that emerge from practitioners that can serve to guide future research in development economics.

Johannes Fedderke, The Pennsylvania State University

Editorial Board
Biniam Bedasso, Princeton University
John Luiz, University of Sussex
Nicola Viegi, University of Pretoria

Articles are normally solicited by the editors of the journal, though proposals for topics can be directed to the journal office.

If you would like to submit an article to Journal of Development Perspectives, please visit and create an author profile. The online system will guide you through the steps to upload your article for submission to the editorial office.

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